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An assistive communication aid for hearing-impaired friends.


VOIS - Assistive Communication Aid For Hearing and Speech Impaired

Our smart gloves help the deaf & mute to communicate with anyone & everyone with complete ease. With a build in smart translation engine the device is able to interpret everything that a person is intending to speak to the deaf user and converts that into text so that it can be read, for the response the mute user can choose to select pre-set phrases/sentences from that available through finger gestures or write an entire sentence by their own with ease.

The gloves solve the intense problem of the deaf & mute community to not be able to interact with the world thereby not being able to communicate & contribute. The gloves allow them to interpret & communicate with ease and in language of their choice.

VOIS is an assistive communication aid for people with hearing or speech impairment. It helps deaf and mute friends to communicate with people with the help of smart gloves. Hence making their lives more compatible and generating more employment opportunities.


Product Design

Unique and ergonomically designed in such a way, so that person can use the device for a long time with ease. Its detachable feature makes it easy to wash smart electronic device.


Since it’s a wearable device that make it highly portable and hassle- free device among all the available AAC (Augmented and Alternative Communication) devices.

Rechargeable Battery

Battery runs for full 2 days of communication.


VOIS has a Personal Interpreter 24*7 which will help them in communicating with other normal people. Only product which aids in both hearing and speaking.