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Truly Designed and Developed by the Blind and for the Blind.


Saarthi - Assistive Aid Designed To Optimize Mobility For Visually Impaired.

Saarthi is an innovative product which can be used to sense the surroundings by the visually impaired people, which will help them in navigate into their dark world. Saarthi can be attached to the white cane and the user will be able to sense the obstacles through feedback in the form of a buzzing sound and vibrating sensations. A powerful battery and microcontroller have been used to make it more effective and long lasting with the availability of three accurate ranges

The user can use the device with a cane to find directions & obstacles in unfamiliar territories, whilst the device can be used independently in familiar regions for obstacle detection. Saarthi comes with built-in detection sensors which help the user easily and accurately identify the surroundings for the person using the device. Owing to our mission of empowering visually challenged, this product has been made quite economical when it comes to the price of the product, so that maximum people could derive its benefits.


Obstacle Detection

The device offers 99.7% accuracy in obstacle detection and 98.2% precision in angle accuracy

3 Different Navigation Ranges

Saarthi offers 3 different ranges for the user to toggle between – 2 feet (indoors), 4 feet (outdoors) and upto 8 feet (open areas). The accuracy of the device is maintained across all ranges and the user can easily toggle between different ranges depending upon his surroundings with the help of the instructions in braille on the device

Ergonomic Design with Battery Efficiency

The device has been ergonomically designed integrating user feedback from more than 1,200 blind persons making it higly comfortable during prolonged usage. The battery is rechargeable by any micro USB charger and one charge lasts for more than 30 days with daily usage. It has a battery back-up of 7 days


Most of the visually challenged people cannot afford assistive devices. Saarthi has been designed to bring about maximum impact in the lives of maximum number of people at low cost and high efficiency

Mountable on Any White Cane

The white cane is almost like an ‘extended arm’ to many blind people and it is difficult for them to get used to any new device that is not compatible with it. Saarthi has an adjustable screw that allows it to be mounted on any white cane

Simple to Learn & Operate

Simplicity and effectiveness are at the core of Saarthi’s design. While the device-usage training takes about 10 minutes, its adoption in day to day life differs from user to user

Audio Tutorials

User Testimonials for Saarthi

Innovation to envision the Society


How many modes are available in Saarthi device?

There are 3 modes available in Saarthi device

  • Within 2 feet – For using indoors
  • Within 4 feet – For using outdoors and
  • Within 8 feet – For using in Open areas
Why does my device beep and vibrate on switching it ON?

When the device is turned on, the initial beeps and vibrations indicate the level of battery charge used. One beep and one vibration indicated 20% battery charge used, two beeps and two vibrations indicate 40% battery used and 3 beeps and 3 vibrations indicate 60% battery charge used.

What if I have a problem with my device?

The Saarthi device comes with a one year warranty, any problem within one year will be resolved by the company.

Can the Saarthi device be attached to any white cane?

Yes, the Saarthi device can be attached to any of the 18 different white canes available in India.

Can I use the Saarthi device without attaching it to the white cane?

Yes, the Saarthi device can be used without attaching it to the white cane in known environments.

Can the Saarthi device be used during rain?

Yes, It can be used in rain. We recommend to the user to take care that water doesn’t enter in the device because it is an electronics product.

How long will the device work if the device was fully charged?

The device will work for one month (up to 100 hours) on a single full charge.