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Handicare - Assistive Mobility Aid For Lower Limb Impaired

Our product Handicare, helps the people with lower limb/ locomotive disabilities in proper mobility from one place to another without any external efforts. Very simple to use yet affective technology helps them in movement without their hand touching the ground.

People suffering from lower limb disability suffer intense pain and embarrassment to walk in confined or conjusted setups as wheelchair availability & accessibility in these areas is a major challenge. Understanding that pain, we invented our device which allows the user to walk with complete ease and comfort without having any push from any body part.

The product works on manoeuvring mechanics where there are handle bars, that can be wiggled right or left such that the front wheels can be manoeuvred for easier indoor mobility. This leads to less friction between the bigger wheels and the ground thereby enabling navigation with least amount of effort. This main motive for inventing the device was to provide ease of transportation for indoor as well as soft outdoor purpose for people suffering from severe lower limb disability.

The design of the vehicle is made in such a way that it is portable and can be carried anywhere. Moreover, this vehicle can be used for indoor purpose where the other vehicles like wheelchair cannot be used. The basic advantage of this device is that it can be used at narrow places also like washroom and bedroom where other devices cannot reach due to their size.

User Testimonials for Saarthi

Innovation to envision the Society



Handicare enables the user to become self-dependent to move freely anywhere and everywhere without anyone guidance or assistance of others.

Maintains user hygiene and comfort

Person using handicare does not require to drag their hands on the floor and thereby it provides hygiene to them and prevents their hands to get cracked.

Provides sense of dignity

A person using Handicare never feels that he/she is using an assistive device, but they feel as if it is a toy and thus many physically challenged.


It is so handy that it can be carried anywhere even when in a journey which becomes difficult in case of normal wheelchair.